Top 8 Grammar Myths You Should Stop Believing

I will teach you

Did you know that your parents and teachers lied to you? They did this to improve their own self-esteem. All of these grammar rules they taught you aren’t rules at all, and you don’t need to follow them.

New Macs Announced

I tweeted alongside yesterday’s presentation. apple: "and now, introducing the macbook DS, with an extra screen on the keyboard. nothing will really use this, but it'll drive cost up." — Andrew 'Covarr'ubias (@ItsCovarr) October 27, 2016 Check out the complete series, in which I accurately report on everything Apple announced.

Are You Ready? 8 Effective Cable Alternatives for Cord-Cutters

You don't get to watch Tv anymore.

So you’ve finally done it. You’ve ditched that $150/month cable bill. You’ve stuck it to the big guy, and now you’re looking for a way to get your mass-produced content from the other big guys. Well fear no more! Here is a list. I know how you love lists.

Pokémon Stop

Everyone else is posting about Pokémon Go, so I decided I would to in order to stay relevant. Jumping on the bandwagon with blatant pandering comic will get me views, right? Does this make me one of the cool kids? Let me know in the comments.

Our Town: Conversations with an Audience

An April 2016 production of Our Town

Wilder called Our Town his favorite out of all his works, but complained that it was rarely done right, insisting that it “should be performed without sentimentality or ponderousness–simply, dryly, and sincerely.” -Wikipedia Our Town is an American classic. It’s been produced a metric bazillion times by… I dunno, like a few hundred theaters? It’s also one (Read more…)

A helpful list of most of the letters of the alphabet

I didn’t have enough room for them all, but this should be enough letters to get by. Use as many as you need. You can even reuse letters for words like “publishing” that have two “I”s in them.

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