online quizzes

The Trouble with Online Quizzes


Surely you’ve seen ’em around by now: “quizzes”. I put the word “quiz” in quotes because by any real definition of the word, that’s not what they are at all. You don’t answer any questions, you don’t make any choices. You simply click a few buttons, and it tells you something about yourself.

But let’s ignore the formal definition of a quiz, and look more closely into what’s actually happening. If you’re not answering any questions, how can these sites possibly know which breakfast cereal you are, or what year you should have been born in, or whatever they claim to be telling you? (more…)

Ron Weasley

Totally legitimate signs you might be a ’90s kid

Ron Weasley is the ultimate 90s kid

  1. You were a kid during the ’90s.
  2. You were born in the late ’80s or early ’90s.
  3. You remember things from the ’90s, but not super well because you were young and didn’t have the same frame of reference you do now.
  4. You thought ’90s pop music was good.
  5. You took a quiz on the internet and it said you are a ’90s kid.
  6. All your friends are ’90s kids and you are the same age as them.
  7. You were around for most or all of the ’90s and weren’t an adult yet.
  8. You think of The Little Mermaid as “one of the original classic Disney movies like Snow White and Cinderella” even though you saw it in the theater. This is also a sign that you might be an idiot.
  9. You know the “Oscar Mayer Weiner” song even though you never once saw it on TV because your parents sang it every time they bought hot dogs (even other brands) and they think of course you know it because it’s on TV even though THEY DON’T SHOW THIS COMMERCIAL ANYMORE MOM AND DAD AND THEY HAVEN’T IN MY WHOLE LIFETIME AND COME ON THE SIXTIES ENDED YEARS AGO.
  10. You have ever had Mountain Dew, which was introduced in 1940 but is still a ’90s kid thing, apparently.
  11. When you think of Will Smith, the first thing you think of is the film Wild Wild West, which was a ’90s film and the epitome of his stardom for that decade and he even did a rap song for it.
  12. Your favorite cartoon was Kim Possible.