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Our Town: Conversations with an Audience

An April 2016 production of Our Town

Wilder called Our Town his favorite out of all his works, but complained that it was rarely done right, insisting that it “should be performed without sentimentality or ponderousness–simply, dryly, and sincerely.” -Wikipedia Our Town is an American classic. It’s been produced¬†a metric bazillion¬†times by… I dunno, like a few hundred theaters? It’s also one (Read more…)

Hey, I did a acting!

That idiot in the “Dogboy” costume? Yeah, that’s me. That idiot reading the news story over the video? That’s also me, because I work for this news outlet. Double the Covarr, double the fun!

Covarr is live! Check it out!
Covarr is offline.